Bookkeeping & Accounting

Libre Professional Service will manage your bookkeeping to let you focus on other tasks.

Even for experienced bookkeepers, payroll can become a headache sometimes and create stress. As a top-tier firm, Libre Professional Service offers a wide range of bookkeeping services related to your business needs. We provide absolute payroll solutions including preparing weekly and bi-weekly payroll processing, filing all necessary quarterly and annual payroll forms.

Libre Professional Services is at your disposal for payroll services for all businesses. To keep your bookkeeping simple and well organized, we also provide advice and suggestions to prepare statements, reconciliation, and tax preparation. We assist you by preparing weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual reconciliations according to your preferences and requirements. Knowing the fact that operating a business is such a stressful and challenging task to do by yourself, leave that portion of the work to those in the know and focus on the bright future that lies ahead.

We are ready to help your needs with a professional team!